Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keep crafting

Some weeks I craft more and most weeks less. I have not gotten around to scheduling my posts so they are still fairly random at the moment.

One thing I did wish was for more time to craft, and more time to play with my kids. Both parts are linked in some ways, since ms E is bogged down by spelling revision every week and she too can't craft - while I would be entertaining bbC while ms E studies.

Anyway, in the moments that I do manage to grab, I do make quick birthday cards while peeking guiltily at my project life stack from the corner of my eye...

Here's one I did recently with my spellbinder tags dies, worked my sizzix and pull out some loose supplies for a quick fix. The end result is viola!

Birthday girl Esther & the celebrating party loved it. And well, so did I :)

Till the next crafty post, keep crafting!