Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keep crafting

Some weeks I craft more and most weeks less. I have not gotten around to scheduling my posts so they are still fairly random at the moment.

One thing I did wish was for more time to craft, and more time to play with my kids. Both parts are linked in some ways, since ms E is bogged down by spelling revision every week and she too can't craft - while I would be entertaining bbC while ms E studies.

Anyway, in the moments that I do manage to grab, I do make quick birthday cards while peeking guiltily at my project life stack from the corner of my eye...

Here's one I did recently with my spellbinder tags dies, worked my sizzix and pull out some loose supplies for a quick fix. The end result is viola!

Birthday girl Esther & the celebrating party loved it. And well, so did I :)

Till the next crafty post, keep crafting!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Up cycle

I had this kokopelli box which I was keeping for the longest time, waiting for the right opportunity to alter it.

The chance came on Evelyn's birthday, when I bought a "gem" encrusted ribbon necklace for her. I had to make a box to send along the gift and espied the kokopelli box in the corner. With black soft velvet lining, it was perfect!

I pulled out my Japanese fabric tape, lace , pearls and set to work. Happily it came to this. Thanks also to the fabric tape, I managed to transform the loose lid box into a flap cover.

My finishing touches was from Martha Stewart's frame, and the tiny veneer from Studio Calico. Tada!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Usefulness of mini pads

I have unknowingly amassed a collection of mini paper pads, from brights to pastels to bizarre prints. Strangely, I use them very little simply because I'm not sure what I should do with the tiny prints.

So far, I've use them on mini albums and not much else. However, I've started using them on cards, maximizing what I see on a single piece into a card.

Here are two that I did recently around the Easter theme. Both are birthday related. One is a tag, and the other is atop a little box. I finished the second with a tag that was hand-written as it felt more personal though it may look less professional.

Each were made from a single sheet of 6x6. Which do you prefer?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A red packet of well wishes

Today I attended the wedding of my colleague, good friend, fellow scrapper Kee Ping. Other than giving her the traditional red packet of well wish, I was also to bring her a card made by my junior cardmaker ms E. ms E made this for last month's scrapbook challenge when she heard the prize was a stamp. It motivate her to use her Webster Page to make something that could fit on the cover of my Collage Press red packet. (I attached the photo of her card we submitted for the challenge.)

She won.

And so I had to make sure I showcased her card well. And here is my simple base to her romantic card, specially for Ken and KP.

Have a blessed marriage!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shadow treasure

At the start of March, I travelled with two good friends to Bangkok and we did a lot of touristy things. We also had the chance to celebrate the birthday of one of them, Jamie.

We did the shopping, beauty and finally dine without the wine as there was a blanket ban on alcoholic drinks across the city that day due to elections day being the next. Guess they wanted to keep everyone sober.

Anyway, so I came back and worked quickly on a gift box to keepsake what I felt was an iconic moment in the trip for her. The next day, I packed it off and sent it by courier to her. She was delighted.

Sometimes we don't realize that the small action by us will still mean a lot to the people viewing it and we stop crafting or stop trying. I find myself struggling with project life because I naturally gravitate towards taking zillions of photos to post on Facebook but have problems choosing what to reassemble back to put down - especially when we have limited time due to the challenge of the girls' conflicting school schedules and all that daily traveling to and fro. But the joy of them flipping it makes me try to squeeze the crafting into pockets of time when I have it. I'm still far behind - which is why I have not been posting. But I will again, soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jhang's farewell

We had this temp who worked with us for a really short while and looked like a young korean wannabe.  He was as hardworking as our korean counterparts, and was also dilligent and meticulous.

On his last day, which we made him extend, we brought him out for lunch and gave him a farewell card.  I think he broke tradition by not making us anything in return. hahahaha/

Anyway, we all signed this and he was off to his new journey as a permanent staff in a creative firm.

Materials : Card - DCVW; Papers - October Afternoon

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's go Party!

Charis just celebrated her birthday over the weekend and Mom (as she likes to call me) was frazzled.  She had one celebration in school on Friday and one at home on Sunday.

I packed all the goodie bags for Friday and made little luggage shaped goodie bags for Sunday, but I only took photos on Sunday (DUH). 

Here's some photos of what I managed to capture that day.  We made many Martha Stewart Puff Balls in purple, shades of purple, misted with purple and decorated with purple flowers. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ini mini miney more

I joined a challenge again, because I was so motivated by the giveaway. It was a Benefit pouch with a mermaid on the cover, listening to her seashell and going "she shops by her shell phone by the sea shore". It was amusing and I was sold!

So the rules were 6x6, using red green and white, with at least one photo 2"x 3", and twine in any color.

All that glitter is me, but the frills, puff and laces, I've gotta work on it!

I have not scrapped 6x6 ever, so it was a mental challenge for me! I scrapped away one instax photo and I really did not like the final look before I finally figured I could do a mini layout. Thankfully it was the start of the year and I had on hand little photos that I took of my girls for school use. I had one cheeky one of Charis which I wanted to keep somewhere, so I popped it into this layout challenge which I completed in an hour!

Look at that cheeky bit!

I did some doodling, stamping, misting and inked up some vellum butterflies.  My latest loot of Amy T's stamps are the best.  A little here, a little there and I completed my layout for the challenge.

And a million thanks to everyone that voted, I won the Benefit pouch.  I shall post a pix of it when I receive it ♥

materials used : Paper - Prima, scraps  from October Afternoon; Mists - Maya road metallic green diluted; Inks - Distress peeled paint, Catseye, Archival ink; Washi - typo; Twine - doodlebug.