Saturday, December 15, 2012


I think all crafters have husbands who think they are genius whizzes. Mine is no exception. With a last minute prompt near noon that we had to attend a family party in the evening, we scooted home with gifts, took our lunch, put my youngest to bed and I was left with the last and most important thing to do before going. Wrap the gifts.

With only an hour or so to spare, I didn't really have much of any time. So I whipped out my OA papers and got to work. So I did manage to wrap up all the gifts, and here's a small sampler of what I managed to capture before we burst out of the house.

In days like this, I laud inventions like glitter gel pen. It saved me from a whole lot of work in an emergency like this!

Till the next lot to wrap. Have you done yours?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New addition

Happily, we were called upon to attend a first month celebration for our new born nephew. Tristan turned a full month old on 2 Dec and we were going to drop by to pass him a gift.

I bought him a pair of cute owl shoes and a spiffy boy sweater from H&M (forgot to take photos) and thought maybe he needs more than that. Made him a box (& forgot to take photos again) and then made him a mini first year milestone album.

I did remember to take a photo of the mini :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goodbye school

After the concert, we wanted the girls to have a break before they started new school next year. As 30 Nov was their last day, we arranged for them to give "Thank You tags" to their teachers for all the love they had received throughout the year.

We incorporated the girls' painting into the tags as background and bling them up to be hung as decor.

For BbC's teachers

For Ms E's teacher

All the frills that defines ms E.

And the roses, crystals and blings.

BbC is more eclectic, with a mishmash of bright little things.

and heavy on textures, and shapes and touch.