Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday doubles

My two besties birthday just passed and since we all know each other, I made a matching but slightly different card for both of them.

I have like 5 assorted boxes of DCVWcard base on standby for those days where I need to make cards in a jiffy. These are really handy and I pulled these two from the Josephine collection.

My two besties birthday came around again and we had a great celebration at a Jap restaurant, all 7 of us. I had the privilege of making their cards again this year & I decided to make it alike but different. Like them.

Here I used Japanese fabric tape and washi tape for the cards. Coupled with paper trims, Webster cardstock alphabets and of course topped with my favorite stickles and gems.

I used some faber castell watercolor pencils on the cupcake but coloring is unusual for me. I think if I want to continue doing so, I'd need to buy better color pencils.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

House Warm

Whistle Bird Key Chain roosting to warm the little hook up house.

Yesterday I went to attend a housewarming of an ex-colleague, Bee Yee (or Bee which was her nick), who had been my mentor when I first joined my current organisation.  Of course, my entire department had been invited as well.  I didn't want to give her a standard goodwill red packet although that money would have been useful (since when money wasnt'?). 

Anyway, so I connived with my nice boss Pei Ling and my lovely neighbor Nalini  to get Bee a gift.  Something that I think she would enjoy more than a little red packet, or a fake crystal fruit punch bowl with a ladle and 9 matching cups (Yes, that was the de facto house warming gift in the 80s~!).  Bee in my memory loved to snack.  And more than snacking, she loved Jelly Belly jelly beans.

I made a super quick trip on Friday evening to the nearest Cocoa Trees and snapped up a 50 flavour variety box, a mini dispenser and 3 pocket dispenser worth of beans.  Three pocket dispenser because I figured one for her pocket, one in her bag and one in the office drawer in case she left home without it hahaha...

Typewritten : For all the colorful moments in your life (just like jellybean!)
I made a bee clear embossed tag, stained it with rainbow colors and typed the message on my Hanima Regal typewriter. Happy colors yes?

.Since it was shared by 3 persons, I made 3 mini card tags to paste each of the 3 pocket dispenser. Within each tag was a best wish from each of us. 


 The message is hidden within. 

As for that bird house on top? That was the first thing I gave her when I stepped in.  I altered it with Tim Holtz tissue tape, and covered it with a thin layer of protective matt medium.  It's cuteness isn't it? :)