About me

I'm a full time working mum, with two daughters and a supportive husband. I scrap to make memories in this digital age, but find that scrapbooking puts me onto a new learning journey.

I started digital scrapbooking sometime in 2006, but only progressed to paper in 2009 after seeing June Goh scrap beautiful paper memories. She inspired and encouraged me to start using those papers and in the process, I discovered another part of myself which I enjoy.

My style of scrapbooking is a little offbeat, electic and injected with a little whimsy.  I like to see transformation and would not confine myself to say 'I can only scrap this style' and not try anything else at least once.  I like all the processes of scrapbooking and thrive on doing the simple to complex at any time.

I can see myself on this continual journey, looking back only to improve on what I had before, and looking forward to more things I can create and alter. Scissor paper glue is a magical combination.