Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's the time of the year to keep crafting for thanksgiving and gratitude. And for the kids, it's making thank you cards for teachers.

Today it's bbC's turn to start the process as she will be leaving the current preschool in two weeks time, to change to a new preschool next year.

Here's a sneak of work in progress as I work with her to put together her items.

And what ms E was making last week? It's been completed and filled with her friends notes and addresses, as it is also her final year in preschool before she steps into primary school in 2013.

Myself, I've been crafting as well. A quick thank you card exchange in a course I was attending, & my recipient is a male classmate.

Maybe it's time to think about crafting and thanking someone today too. Start yours :)

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