Friday, March 15, 2013

Shadow treasure

At the start of March, I travelled with two good friends to Bangkok and we did a lot of touristy things. We also had the chance to celebrate the birthday of one of them, Jamie.

We did the shopping, beauty and finally dine without the wine as there was a blanket ban on alcoholic drinks across the city that day due to elections day being the next. Guess they wanted to keep everyone sober.

Anyway, so I came back and worked quickly on a gift box to keepsake what I felt was an iconic moment in the trip for her. The next day, I packed it off and sent it by courier to her. She was delighted.

Sometimes we don't realize that the small action by us will still mean a lot to the people viewing it and we stop crafting or stop trying. I find myself struggling with project life because I naturally gravitate towards taking zillions of photos to post on Facebook but have problems choosing what to reassemble back to put down - especially when we have limited time due to the challenge of the girls' conflicting school schedules and all that daily traveling to and fro. But the joy of them flipping it makes me try to squeeze the crafting into pockets of time when I have it. I'm still far behind - which is why I have not been posting. But I will again, soon.

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