Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fabric Twist Flower

It's been a while since I posted tutorial, so here's one I made with a strip of leftover fabric.  I cut the side seam off the fabric and decided to turn the gorgeous bright strip into a flower that I could use for layout.

It's super easy so you can attempt this with anything that won't break.

 Step 1 : Take a piece of fabric strip or ribbon.  Fold the starting tip into half, lengthwise to start.  Add a dab of glue before starting to twist around. 
Step 2 :  Loosely twist the strip and start to curl it around the centre, adding glue along the sides as you go along.
 Step 3 : Hold the flower centre to ensure that it is flat as you continue to twist and glue round and round to build the circular shape.
Step 4 : End the remainder last bit by gluing and sticking it down to the entire back as a base.

 Viola! The finished flower should look like this.

If you love gems and pearls, you may stick a pearl or bead to use as a centre to curl around.

Have fun! Do show me your flowers if you make some.

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