Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Card Make & Take Event

I realised I have not posted something for the past week.  I have been packing my scraproom to make space for my 2 growing girls.  Here's an update I've been wanting to post.

I teach a Scrapbook Interest Group (SBIG) on a regular basis at my workplace and recently we were invited to host a "make and take" for approximately 200 staff at a pre-annual general meeting event.  My fantastic co-scrapper Diana, who helped plan and pack the card kits, took these wonderful photos and made this collage for me.  So here it is, for sharing with you.

We had staff from directors to executives to junior officers who participated in this make and take and I daresay they enjoyed it.  The biggest satisfaction for this successful event came from the many that started off with, "I'm not good with crafts", "I failed arts and craft", "I'm not creative" and "I can't do this" finishing off with either a , "thank you!", "this is fun!", "it's quite easy!", "I learnt a new thing today".

To my very fantastic SBIG members, thanks to the many hands who helped make this possible & to Diana for the coordination.

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