Sunday, April 1, 2012

Proud of the mini

Once a while, a mother is entitled to feel extraordinarily proud of her offspring. This is one of those times, where I think Ms E has graduated from being called "junior cardmaker" to "junior scrapbooker", if there was such a term.

Her form teacher at her preschool is leaving and she asked to make a mini album for Ms HanNi. I wasn't sure she could grasp the concept of blank mini but I think she did a pretty good job. My assistance came in helping her to fussy cut and stick down some elements (unsteady small hands), but the choice, placement and which elements to use were entirely hers.

I wish I had time to have the photos taken in the day, but being the anxious nature of children, she wants to send it off early first thing tomorrow morning.  So here are the photos taken at the desk.  Enjoy, I did :)


  1. Your little Miss E does have a flair in scrapbooking! This Mini Album is simply gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Chok Keun! She will be very happy to hear that!