Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Black Mini

We're talking about the paper kind :)

BbC and the Little Black Mini

July has been an unexpectedly busy month because my Indonesian live-in helper ran away.  She received some news that her son was sick and decided to run away to the embassy, leaving bbC at school.  I did manage to get her an airticket home, amidst a lot of tears and apologies from her and she texted me goodbye when she left. This hapless employer (me) zealously took over work and household, fell sick and then before I could recover, my BbC also fell sick! BbC, who was closest to my helper, fell ill  cos
  • helper gone.
  • abandoned in school 
  • had to shift to a totally new full day school 

because of change of arrangements and fell very ill.  So me, while being sick, still took over the household, took some childcare leave to stay home and nurse her to recovery during these 3 days.  Thankfully I have a very understanding employer...

Anyway, so I was arranging my desktop when I spotted the above photo and realised I never got round to blogging this mini.  It was one of those "I thought I already did but hey I didn't" slip up.  I did this for an album swap I organised in April.  It was for a scrapbooker who was also a fantastic tattoo artist and a biker chick.  Chic too.  So I made this for her since she now has a new cool baby.  I used a lot of black cardstock and white acrylic paint stamping as I was inspired by the black white ensemble I always saw her son wearing.  Here's all the tim holtz, spritzed up by Washi tape color, and some distress ink edged stamping pop up.

and here is one sample page.  For some reason I didn't take photos of the entire album and I didn't prop it up to take like usual. So pardon the weird background as the lighting was good for the black album.

I see you noticed the stitching!   Yes every page was stitched, and the album was stitched together as well.  I thought it would form a nice part of the accent and help to delineate the space .  Each page also had a little tab that was stuck on a repositinable washi tape so it could be attached to any note or photo or just moved around.  I especially love those little date washi that I stuck around so milestones could be recorded.  I had a page for mom, one for dad and many pages for the amazing everyday.

p/s : those cute semi colon are from catslifepress ... I had been eyeing them for the longest time.. cute!

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