Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wish that was me...

One day some time ago, we went to Vivo City and Ms E chanced upon this ride.  It cost us $8 for 5 mins, and the operator would not allow more than 1 kid up on the ride.  At that time, BbC was not too stable so we thought we would just leave her outside with me to wait.  Who knows, she stood at the side looking on longingly and the dad and sis on the rides and even patted one of the deflated giraffe that was wheeled in in delight!  Felt so bad that she didn't get to ride, but the queue was too long to go again.

Next time, we will ask her godma Diana to bring her :)

Layout on October Afternoon paper. With trims from the Martha Stewart leaf lace punch, misted with Tattered Angels. Handmade bloom.

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