Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My pretty pink princesses

I wanted to scraplog this photo before it got lost in the sea of photos on my comp, so when I saw the MLS MARCH SKETCH CHALLENGE I told myself to give it a go!

My comp chose this moment to "pass on" so I can't download the accurate ones taken on my ixus. Here's the one taken on iPhone. The background is a yellow green and the centre title is the MLS green text, but it doesn't quite show.

Here it is. A photo of the love between these two always makes fo great photos. Big Sis E likes to help little Sis C, and so here E is holding C's hand as C takes her wobbly steps in delight.

Ugh - iPhone doesn't allow me to post photo!
(update - posting from comp as it has revived!)

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