Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family Album

A colleague of mine invited us to his house for a gathering some time in December, 2010. His son was born a couple of months after my BbC, so I did not get to attend his son's full month as I was in confinement. So I wanted to make something special that they could use.

It was my first attempt (and a very ambitious one) at using chipboard 12 x 12 shaped. It took me many nights of gluing and filing before I could start decorating. It'd be a while before I try something this ambitious anytime soon. I think.

The cover made to signify exploration - a pair of tickets, some butterflies and three pairs of hearts and keys in a shaker box.

I actually themed the pages two by two. So this one featured everything that was fun holidaysy feel. The circle could open up with four in a fan style, and they looked like biscuits :)

This one was about little peekaboo secrets. So this particular page had a "card" style mini folder where when it opened, had a journalling page and a mat for photographs. It's closed like those yellow manila envelopes favoured by secret agents. hehe.And here's one last photo just to show one of those tags I included in the pages. I like this very much - inspired by Tim Holtz's 12 days of Christmas tags.

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