Friday, April 22, 2011

It's so clear!

Because today is Good Friday, I thought it'd be nice to post something good. This is my very first step-by-step tutorial and I thought I'd share it with you on Good Friday.

How to use your favourite stamps to make transparency/ print screens/ whatchumaecallits for your projects or to match your paper. aka DIY transparency.

First you prepare the tools you need. Here I have a transparency cut to the size I want (5"x7"), a bottle of Ranger's Alcohol inks, Staz On bronze metallic ink pad, and Kaisercraft's La Chateau stamps on a couple of clean paper. READY?

Next, drip a few drops of alcohol inks on the "top" and "bottom" of the transparency.

After that, you can either soften it by spritzing with rubbing alcohol, daubing, or like me, I mix the ink drops and rubbing alcohol in a mister to spritz.

This is how it should look like after daubing or spritzing. If you want the color to be intense, wait for it to dry. If not, you can flip it facing down to do stamping on the other side.

Take the stamp of your choice, and stamp on the top part to create a pattern. You need not reink, but to stamp continuous so that some are bright some are faded. And repeat the same for the bottom.

And when you're done, tada! It should look like this.

Have fun stamping!


  1. I like the effect ! I really should take my inks out more often :)

  2. thank you! My stamps and inks needed some love, haha!