Monday, April 11, 2011

Sakura new year

When I made this, all I could think of was that Sakura signify a new season and would rightly be paired with Chinese New Year. Our family had a wish to go visit Japan one day, to see the sakuras, experience the culture and also to visit Tokyo disney - I did not think that it was not to be.

Anyway, I saw the news report that Sakura season this year was a solemn affair in respect for those at the affected towns.  I hope that Japan will recover quickly and recover much of its rich history so when I visit after Elpis' PSLE (that's our new target) it will be safe sound and better than before.

I made this layout with my MLS papers for an MLS challenge, and paired it up with this cute photo of BbC taken with a pair of Russia Dolls during the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year 2011. We were visiting my in-laws and they had this pair of dolls which they bought in Russia and are the same size as BbC! BbC was a little stunned and amazed by these same size people that did not respond to her.

Look at all that pinkiness! I think BbC's little brocade dress added to the whole feel.

and here's some fussy detailing on the page that I cut from another paper in the same set.

 Materials : My Little Shoebox Harmony Papers, diecut sticker, mini alphas and glitter alphas, Ribbon.

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