Monday, April 4, 2011

See the Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Today I really felt like going for a long holiday. Maybe because I had been looking at my ever evolving list of To-do at work, so images of the sea/ shade of ruffling palms, and the smell of salt drifted into mind. Need not be too far away but just some quiet time with the girls at the sea would be good.

So I dug out this layout I did a couple of months back that I nearly threw away when I thought it was too complicated.

Well, I am glad I did not. Or rather, glad that June asked me not to.

Misting, stamping with the mask, sewing, paper tearing, staining, ruffling; I think I tried it all on this layout.

I did machine stitching on the alphas so they would stay down. I also corner punched the E so it would be rounded like the rest of the layout. Torn paper strip below the flags to perk it up, like it was flying and fluttering, and to give it a rough flagpole look.



  1. I like the stitching on the alphas. Always think my needle will break if I did that. I really like the colours and masking on the LO.

  2. I did wonder the same thing myself and was prepared to pull out a replacement needle. Thankfully it went by OK on the normal speed, so I happily zagged everything.

  3. Great page! I am linking it up on Practical Scrappers!

  4. Cool page! I love all the color and layers!

  5. Thanks Christine, I'll look out for it!

    Dana, thank you!